An important project is the Health Care in Danger Program. The ICMM has a longstanding collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).  This collaboration intensified when the ICMM  became part of the Community of Concern of the ICRC project “Health Care in Danger” (HCiD).
The HCiD initiative addresses the issue of violence against patients, health care  workers, patients, medical treatment facilities, vehicles, ...

The goal is to ensure safe access to and safe delivery of health care in armed conflicts and other emergencies.

In March 2021, ICRC published a New Guidance Document for Armed Forces on Protection of Health Care.

This document provides practical guidance on the measures armed forces can take to protect health-care workers and to limit the impact of armed conflict on access to, and delivery of, health-care services.

In May 2016, the United Nations Security council adopted a resolution on the protection of medical personnel and facilities in armed conflict. Resolution 2286 strongly condemns violence against health-care providers and their patients and sets out measures to prevent and address such violence.

Protecting Health Care - Guidance for the Armed Forces