On the 20th of January 2017, Doctor Jan VAARTEN, Executive Secretary of the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and Major General (ret) Roger VAN HOOF, MD, Secretary General of the International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM), signed in Brussels, Belgium, a Memorandum of Understanding which aims to facilitate contacts and cooperation between the two organizations.

At 12h00, Major General (ret) Roger VAN HOOF, MD, welcomed the delegation of the WVA and presented his staff:
- Major General Pierre NEIRINCKX, MD, Deputy Secretary General.
- Dr. Jacques SANABRIA, MD, Honorary Secretary General.
- Brigadier General Prof. Humbert BOISSEAUX, MD, Deputy-Chairman of the Scientific Council.
- Colonel (Vet.) Leander BUCHNER, Chairman of the Commission for Veterinary Science.
- Colonel MMA Chris DEROUBAIX (ret), Director of Finances.
- Mr Paul ZABOURI, Director of Communication.
- Brigadier General (ret) Leo KLEIN, Assistant of the Secretary General.
- Major Marta PRESA, Assistant of the Secretary General.
- Adjudant-Major Ivan HOSTENS, Executive Secretary.

Doctor Jan VAARTEN, Executive Secretary of the WVA, introduced his delegation:
- Dr. Zeev NOGA, Veterinary Policy Officer.
- Dr. Isik ERSAN, Trainee at the WVA.

The primary mission of the WVA is to assure and promote animal health and welfare and public health globally, by supporting the development and the progress of veterinary medicine.

One of the main objectives of the ICMM is to maintain and strengthen the bonds between all the medical services of all Member States, to promote medical and military science in neutrality and impartiality.

Considering the common principles of both organizations, the WVA and the ICMM will invite each other to participate, as observer, in the meetings where matters of mutual interest are discussed, and will exchange the reports of these meetings.

The WVA and the ICMM agree to co-operate and to consult each other, for any issues and points of common interest, including those related to Public Health and One Health issues, health care and welfare, International Humanitarian Law and Professional Ethics.

The Ceremony ended at 13h00 and was followed by a lunch.

Then, Major General (ret) Roger VAN HOOF, MD, escorted the delegation of the WVA.