The threat of communicable diseases affects international security, regional stability and military readiness. ICMM members are responsible for addressing these threats and proactively promoting the health of their military forces while also fully supporting their national health systems. To be truly effective, efforts to address these threats should be conducted in collaboration with the international health community and non-governmental organizations.

ICMM Members should dedicate their efforts to fight against emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. Worldwide control of health threats, especially HIV/AIDS and related diseases, is the primary goal. In order to achieve success, implementation of a multi-nationally acceptable program is needed to promote accessible, cost-beneficial and sustainable measures of control. Our collective efforts must ensure an integrated civil-military approach that addresses comprehensive primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies for HIV/AIDS and related infectious diseases. ICMM member representatives promote integrated programs of prevention, voluntary testing and counseling, social support, and treatment.

15 September 2004