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Course on International Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC)



The ICMM (International Committee for Military Medicine) and the Swiss Armed Forces wish to offer young medical officers, in particular young military doctors as well as other interested members of the armed forces and of the administration a course on International Law of Armed Conflict aimed to

demonstrate relationships, responsibilities and interdependencies between the specific functions of the medical services and Humanitarian Law.

The course serves to
• develop the responsibilities of the medical doctor, the medical officer or medical official with respect to the application and the training of Humanitarian Law;
• familiarize course participants with Humanitarian Law;
• establish connections of the Humanitarian Law with the specific mission of the medical services;
• make opportunities and limits of the International Law of Armed Conflict known;
• recognize and analyze actual problems and challenges related to Humanitarian Law and the medical ethics within the scope of military operations including peace-keeping operations, and help to look for possible solutions;
• motivate course participants to recognize their responsibility of training Humanitarian Law in their country.

The course is organized as follows: one general’s class in English, three English speaking classes and one French speaking class.

1. Date, course location/hotel
The course starts officially on Friday 16.08.2013 at 0800 a.m. in "Ausbildungszentrum für Schweizer Fleischwirtschaft (ABZ)", Schachenstrasse 43, CH-3700 Spiez and lasts until 22.08.2013, 1000 p.m. after the official closing ceremony.

2. Arrival/Departure
The registration of all participants will take place on August 23 or 24, 2013 between at Zurich-Kloten or Bern-Belp airport. A pick-up service and transfer to the ABZ in Spiez will be arranged upon arrival at the airport.

Participants from several flights will be met and may have to wait for other passengers until a common transport that is possible only with written communication to the secretary’s office LOAC of the arrival date, time and number of flight. Meeting point is the information desk or exit terminal.

Participants arriving by train will be picked up at the railway station of Spiez or Bern.
Internet Railway:!ajax=yes!&

Transfer to the airport Zurich-Kloten or Bern-Belp will also be available for departure on August 23 or 24, 2013 not later.

3. Dress
- For travel: civilian dress (you may not enter in Switzerland wearing a uniform!)
- During the course: military uniform, working dress (class room)
- For the opening and final ceremony: military uniform, formal dress (attire: jacket and tie/female equivalent).

To obtain permission to wear a military uniform in Switzerland, participants are requested to contact their national authorities for special information in order to take the necessary formalities.

4. Visa
For entering Switzerland, a valid passport with a respective visa if needed (valid for the entire duration of the course) or a European identity card is required. The travel arrangement from your country to Switzerland will be taken care of by your national authorities. Be sure to make a request for the respective visa in good time. The secretariat of the Course takes contact with the authorities but does not occupy itself to in any case to organize the visas.

5. Media Information
If you would like to talk to the media or a wider public, please request an official permission from your Armed Forces to talk about the content of this course and your activities in the field of LOAC in your country.

6. Accommodation / Venue
Accommodation has been foreseen at ABZ in Spiez, where the course will take place.
Ausbildungszentrum für die Schweizer Fleischwirtschaft (ABZ)
Schachenstrasse 43
CH-3700 Spiez

The course is addressed only to the participants after reception of the letter of confirmation. For organisational reasons, no specific programme for accompanying person (spouses, family, friend, etc) has been planned. But accompanying persons are welcome to join during the cultural programme and other social events. The participants send us for this person their application form in a timely manner, so that reservations for suitable accommodation can be made.

7. Payment
In the price of CHF 1380.00 are included for 8 days / nights: August 15-23 the hotel accommodation, food, non-alcoholic beverages: CHF 1300.00 and the course fee: CHF 80.00.

Room reservations are defined as follows:
Double room: to the rank of Major
Single room: higher than rank of Major

Every country shall, in accordance with national regulations, pay the salaries, daily allowances and travel costs for its participants.

Extensive course documents, cultural events and excursions with transfers are free of charge for participants and will be paid by the Confederation.

Accompanying person:
Adult: CHF 1300.00 for 8 days / nights double room, accommodation, food, non-alcoholic beverages.
Children: 4-12 year old CHF 975.00 for 8 days / nights double room, accommodation, food, beverages.
Overnight adult: CHF 80.00/ night / person, breakfast incl.
Overnight children: 4-12 year old CHF 55.00 / night / person, breakfast incl.
Supplement single room: CHF 20.00/ night / person

Participants who plan to arrive earlier or to leave later than the official duration of the course (August 15-23: 8 days) are kindly requested to pay the additional costs.

Participants are requested to pay the course fee in CHF (cash or credit-cards) on the day of their arrival at the registration desk. Participants shall bear their travelling costs to and from Switzerland.

Course Secretariat LOAC-ICMM
Medical Services Directorate
Mrs Adele RENFER
Worblentalstrasse 36
CH-3063 Ittigen
Fax: + 41 (0)31 324 62 44
Phone: + 41 (0)31 324 15 54
E-mail: or

8. Insurance / Liability
Basic medical service is provided free of charge. Adequate insurance - particularly accident, liability and health - is the participants own responsibility.

9. Programme of the course (not definitely)
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10. Official Course Language
The official course languages will be English and French. Conferences of invited speakers are in English with a translation into French.

11. Application form
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Deadline: July 6, 2013.

12. Pick-up form
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For any changes send this as soon as possible but not later than July 20, 2013.

13. Homepage: Course on International Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC)
For more information please consult our homepage: http:///