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Volume 91/4 (Click on the button to see all the english contents)

E-review 91/4

-Military pharmacist operational preparation: benefit and proposal for online training.* (Content in french and english)
-Addressing medical challenge of mass pilgrimage to high altitude areas: a success story from the annual Amarnath Yatra in India.* (Content in french and
-Variability in energy deficit during a military field operation. (Content in french and
-Cranio-cerebral gunshot wounds: outcome predictors.* (Content in french and english)
-Experience of a Peacekeeping Mission to Central African Republic (Experience of the medical team of the Mauritanian battalion).* (Content in french and english)
-Central retinal artery occlusion revealing HIV1 infection in peacekeeping operation.* (Content in french and english)
-Acute pain management in combat casualty care in the Indian scenario.* (Content in french and
-Sexual dysfunction among military patients with post-traumatic stress disorder.* (Content in french and english)
-Psychosocial issues in temporarily separated families of serving soldiers: Woes and ways.* (Content in french and english)
-Gracilis muscle free flap - A "Close to ideal" choice in reconstruction of complex post traumatic defects of foot in soldiers.* (Content in french and english)
-A collection of scenarios in military medical ethics to support training and research. (Content in french and english)

Volume 91/3 (Click on the button to see all the english contents)

E-review 91/3

-Air MEDEVAC of Patients with High-Risk of Contamination Due to Infectious Diseases: Our Own Experience after Threee Medical Cases.* (Content in french and english)
-Military Related Traumatic Brain Injury: Mechanism, Spectrum and Rehabilitation.* (Content in french and
-Role of Bangladesh Army Medical Corps in Disaster Management.* (Content in french and
-Traumatic Injuries to Lims by Weapons of War in the Northern Sector of Mali. (Content in french and english)
-Scrub Typhus: Old Enemy, New Threat.* (Content in french and english)
-The Operational Patient Care Pathway in the Firm Base. The UK Solution.* (Content in french and english)
-Use of Low Dose Azithromycin Mass Prophylaxis as Strategy in Control of Pneumonia Outbreak in Institutional Setting.* (Content in french and
-Abdominal Ballistic trauma: about 53 cases.* (Content in french and english)
-Assessment of the Training Needs in Healthcare Professionals in Order to Achieve Better Goals.* (Content in french and english)
-Nest-Generation Antimicrobial Dressings: On the Battlefield!* (Content in french and english)

Volume 91/2 (Click on the button to see all the english contents)

E-review 91/2

-Effective Use of Health Products in Military Operations: Development of Practical Index Cards to Military Pharmacist. (Content in french and english)
-Ballistic Injuries to the Nerves.* (Content in french and
-Pre-Deployment Health Screening: Need For a Structured Approach.* (Content in french and
-Injuries by mine explosion: Pre Hospital taking Care, Chad Experience Battalion of Northern Mali (Aguel-hoc). (Content in french and english)
-Psychological Support After the Terrorist Attacks in France: a Necessary Coordination of Civilian and Military Resources.* (Content in french and english)
-Saudi Arabia's Efforts to Manage Mass Gatherings During Hajj Seasons.* (Content in french and english)
-Fighting Fangs: Vipers of Jammu & Kashmir. Challenges and Solutions.* (Content in french and
-Military and Rickettsioses: The Saga Continues... .* (Content in french and english)
-International Humanitarian Law Protection of Medical Facilities and Medical Personnel in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.* (Content in french and english)

Volume 91/1 (Click on the button to see all the english contents)

E-review 91/1

-Surgical Facilities on the Field: Update about the French Military Service in Operation.* (Content in french and english)
-Health and Logistical Challenges of Food Catering for Troops in Desert Environment. French Experience in Saharo-Sahelian Region. (Content in french and
-Overcoming New Challenges in Medical Support for UN Peacekeeping Operations.* (Content in french and
-Principles of the Initial Medical Management of a Contaminated or Irradiated French Soldier Deployed in an Operational Environment. (Content in french and english)
-To study the prevalence of Dementia in Elderly Armed Forces Veterans and their Dependents presenting to outpatient Department (OPD).* (Content in french and english)
-Optimization of the Ultrasound Use in a French Role 2 in Mali. (Content in french and english)
-Prevalence of Consumption of Benzodiazepines in a Military Population.* (Content in french and
-Smoke Inhalation Injury in Naval Operations-Experience from a Tertiary Care Centre.* (Content in french and english)

2019 vol 92 - 2018 vol 91 -2017 vol 90 - 2016 vol 89 - 2015 vol 88