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Volume 90/3 (Click on the button to see all the english contents)

E-review 90/3

-Lieutenant General Manoj Kumar UNNI. Director General of the 42nd ICMM World Congress on Military Medicine.
-42nd ICMM World Congress on Military Medicine. Welcome to New Delhi.
-42nd ICMM World Congress on Military Medicine. Indian Armed Forces Medical Services.
-Medical Care of a Massive Inflow of War Casualties: Cooperation Between France and Chad. (Content in french and english)
-Peacekeeping Operation in Mali. Feedback from a Dentist. (Content in french and english)
-Ten Years, Ten Changes. Spanish Medical Corps Experience During a Decade (2005-2015) in Afghanistan. (Content in french and english)
-Lower Limb Injuries Due to a Blast Effect: A Study of 86 Casualties by Mine Explosion.* (Content in french and english)
-Pharmacy of the Bundeswehr Hospital Ulm Drug Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Services Under One Roof. Contradiction or Challenge?* (Content in french and english)

-Attacks on Hospitals: an Alarming Problem for Military Medicine as well as for Humanitarian. (Content in french and english)
-Severe scorpionic envenomation in a Senegalese military during a peacekeeping mission in Darfur. (Content in french and english)
-Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur MARTIN-LEAKE, 4 April 1874 - 22 June 1953.

Volume 90/2 (Click on the button to see all the english contents)

E-review 90/2

-Lessons from the Organisation of United Kingdom Medical Services Deployed in Support of Operation Telic (Iraq) and Operation Herrick (Afghanistan).* (Content in french and english)
-The United States Military's Rehabilitation during the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Walter Reed Experience and Beyond.* (Content in french and english)
-Are Belgian Military Trained Medical Officers Better Prepared for CBRN Incidents than Civilian Emergency Physicians? (Content in french and english)
-Activity Report of Togo-Level 2 Military Hospital Deployed in Mali and Perspectives for the Medical Support of African Union Forces. (Content in french and
-Salmonella Outbrak and Subsequent Clinical Complications amongst Soldiers in a Peace-Support Operation in Kosovo (KFOR) Demand Intensive Care and Surgery. (Content in french and english)
-"How Do I Put It?" - Case Reports on Well-Tolerated HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis on Deployment in the tropics.* (Content in french and english)
-Parasitological Examination among Local Residents in Afghanistan, Central African Republic and Kosovo Conducted by the Polish Military Health Service.* (Content in french and english)
-Malaria in Tamanrasset.* (Content in french and english)

-Care for the Ballistic Traumas of the Thorax; About 58 Cases.* (Content in french and english)
-Dr. Etienne HENRARD: The Radiologist who became a General. (Content in french and english)

Volume 90/1 (Click on the button to see all the english contents)

E-review 90/1

-Descriptive Analysis of Combat Casualties Evacuated from Afghanistan (ISAF) to the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology of the Spanish Role 4. (Content in french and english)
-An Unusual Wound to the Right Shoulder Due to Firearms, with Retention of the Projectile into the Medullary Canal of the Humerus: Treatment in a Precarious Environment.* (Content in french and english)
-Balance of the Clinical Activity of the Dental Clinic of Burkina Faso Battalion Deployed in Timbuktu. (Content in french and english)
-Dismounted Complex Blast Injury Patterns: A Review of Current Management and Outcome Literature.* (Content in french and english)
-Dental Health Index. A Pilot Study. (Content in french and
-Diversity of Veterinary Missions in Operation: Example of Sangaris, Central African Republic.* (Content in french and english)
-Occult Hepatitis Virus B Infection in the Laboratory of Joint Military Medical Center, Dakar, Senegal. (Content in french and english)
-Relation between Body Mass Index and Sickness Absence in a Military Environment. (Content in french and english)

2017 vol 90 - 2016 vol 89 - 2015 vol 88 - 2014 vol 87 - 2013 vol 86