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Khartoum - SUDAN

February 08-12, 2008




I. Venue:

Grand Holiday Villa

II. Participants by Categories:

ICMM Officials:
Chairman of the Scientific Council
Director of International Relations
Director of Communication

PACMM Officials:

  • Member Countries:
    20 countries (Annex No.1)

  • Friendly Countries:
    Seven countries (Annex No.1)

  • International Experts:
    Two from UNAIDS
    One from WHO

    Three from France
    One from Tunisia

  • Local experts and medical professionals

  • Exhibitors:
    12 companies

 III. Total Number of participants:

Delegates :                091
Local       :                 300

IV. Pre-conference Activities:

  • Meeting of the ICMM and PACMM Officials with the
    Minister of Defense.

  • Visit of the Delegates to Elamel Rehabilitation Center.

 V. Conference Activities:

1. Opening Ceremony:

  • Addressed by  the previous PACMM Chairman (Cameroon), the new Chairman (Sudan), the Sec.Gen. of ICMM, the President of ICMM and the Sudanese Minister of Defense who announced official opening of the congress.

  • The previous chairman handed over his duties to the new chairman and both of them signed the ICMM Act.

  • A lecture on "What is Military Medicine Today" delivered by the Chairman of the Scientific council of ICMM.

    2. The Scientific Program:

    The program was executed as scheduled in the congress program except for the absence of one speaker from Nigeria and one speaker from Sierra Leone. Annex No. 2. shows summary of the program. Annex No. 3. is  about the lessons learned from the scientific program.

    3. The General Assembly:

    Held in February, 10th, 2008
    20 Countries participated in the meeting
    Attended by the Secretary-General of ICMM
    They came out with eight resolutions presented by the Secretary-General of PACMM in the session before the closing  ceremony.
    One of the resolutions stated that: Cote d'Ivoire is agreed upon to organize the upcoming 8th PACMM.

4. The Social Program:

1- Arrangements for the delegates:
Entry permits or visa on arrival was guaranteed for all delegates.
All delegates were received by our
staff at the aircraft stop.
Airport formalities and luggage identification or check-in was done by our staff.
Transport between Airport and Hotel was timely arranged for all.
All delegates were accommodated in the hotel of the conference venue.
All VIP were accommodated in Suite Rooms

2- Visits and Recreation:
Invitations for dinner with recreation program was done for three evenings
in addition to lunch on boat in the
last day.
Visits for Historical and Tourism Areas was organized for all delegates free of charge.

VI. The closing ceremony:

The PACMM Chairman
The Secretary-General of ICMM
The Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration who announced official closing of the Congress.