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5th Pan-American Congress
of Military Medicine (PACMM)
San Antonio (U.S.A.)
10 - 14 November 2008



5th ICMM Pan American Congress (PACMM)


November 10 – 14, 2008.
Congress venue: Anthony Hotel in San Antonio (Texas) U.S.A.
Chaired by:  Mrs. Ellen EMBREY, Assistant Secretary of Defense / Health Affairs.

Delegation from the ICMM Secretariat General :
Doctor Jacques SANABRIA, Secretary General
- Vice-Admiral Humberto PEROZO, Representative of the Secretary General for Latin America
- Mr. Jean-Michel BRUGGEMAN, Assistant to the Secretary General (Hispanic Affairs)


Background : This was the 5th Pan American Congress, following Brazil, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina. The congress and the committee meeting were held at the same time, and in the same city as the annual meeting of AMSUS.  The annual meeting of COPRECOS-LAC (UNAIDS) was also held in the same hotel as the PACMM, so that delegation leaders would not have to travel between different venues.

Program :
Monday, Nov. 10: In the morning, delegates were invited to attend the opening ceremony of AMSUS, and the opening ceremony of PACMM was held in the afternoon..
Tuesday to Friday :  technical and scientific conferences.

In addition :
Tuesday, Nov. 11 (evening) : reception and official dinner for Heads of Delegations, organized by AMSUS, PACMM and COPRECOS at the invitation of Dr. CASSCEELS, ASD/HA.
Wednesday, Nov. 12 (afternoon) : visit to the military medical and training facilities in San Antonio.
Thursday, Nov. 13 : Regional Assembly of the PACMM.
Friday, Nov. 14 : Closing ceremony.


Participants :
A significant number of participants from :
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, United States, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, El Salvador, Uruguay.
Observers (non members) : Colombia, Ecuador, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama.

Congress : Scientific presentations were held during 4 days.  The language used was Spanish, with translation into English. Most of the presentations were given in Spanish, including those from the US.

Regional Assembly :
Points approved included :
- The 6th Pan American Congress in 2010 will be held in NICARAGUA, and the meeting of Heads of Delegations will probably be held in COLOMBIA (if this country has become a member by then), to coincide with COPRECOS-LAC. Brigadier General Dr. René DARCE RIVERA takes over as Chairman of PACMM from now on.
- The United States Southern Command (Southcom) will provide the group secretariat.
- Regarding training, a new concept was studied and adopted unanimously.  At the moment, several phases of training are organized by the US in conjunction with another country.  This concept will be kept, but the courses will be open to other countries and will be publicized.  Southcom will provide logistic support and admin for each course, while other expenses will be covered by one of the participating countries.  Southcom will liaise with the ICMM Scientific Council (Professor MERLIN) to discuss the projects and to see if some of these courses could be recommended by the ICMM.
- On the model of the MOU between the ICMM and WHO, the PACMM would like to set up the same type of cooperation with WHO/Latin America.
- Delegates were in favor of the idea of information sharing to contribute to surveillance of infectious diseases, provided they have the authorization of their governments.
- Delegates were highly encouraged to attend the upcoming ICMM World Congress in Malaysia.