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2008 vol 81 - 2007 vol 80 - 2006 vol 79 - 2005 vol 78 - 2004 vol 77



Volume 77/4 (Click on the button to see all the english contents)

Facteurs de stress en opération de soutien de la paix. Le cas du Kosovo en 2000. (Content in english)
Solvent induced encephalopathy detected BMO an integrated standardised medical surveillance program-case management.* (Content in english)
Marketing of human services in the department of defence : A social work perspective.* (Content in english)
A different way of viewing adult resilience.* (Content in english)
Epidémiologie des candidoses vaginales à Mitrovica, Kosovo. (Content in french and english)
Retrospective study : Identifying the most common medical conditions necessitating medical reclassification in the SANDF between 1998 and 2001.* (Content in english)
The International Health Specialist Program.* (Content in english)
Multidisciplinary approach to military health services delivery system : An indian experience.* (Content in english)

Volume 77/3 (Click on the button to see all the english contents)

Hydrocephalus following missile injuries to the brain etiology and management. (Content in french and english)
Mission Providence. (Content in french and english)
Brazilian Navy’s health care programmes* (Content in english)
Dentisterie vétérinaire chez le chien militaire. (Content in french and english)
HIV/AIDS Training in the South African Department of Defence : An African Experience* (Content in english)
The implications of new regulations regarding hearing conservation in south africa and how it should be applied in a military setting* (Content in english)
The Feasibility Study of Constructing the framework of the Health Law of the CPLA* (Content in english)
The role of the military social worker in financial management* (Content in english)
Ocular injuries caused by mustard gas : diagnosis, treatment and medical defense* (Content in english)
Nursing service managers in the South African Military Health Service. A perception on their level of motivation* (Content in french and english)
Personality correlates of alcohol users among the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) personnel* (Content in english)

Volume 77/2 (Click on the button to see all the english contents)

Diagnosis and treatment of the severe SARS. (Content in english)
Prise en charge médico-humanitaire des populations déplacées et des réfugiés en situation de guerre ou de catastrophe majeure* (Content in french and english)
Guidelines de-worming program for dogs in the South African National Defense Force* (Content in french and english)
The Pathogenesis of ARDS Complicated with Extra-Pulmonary Organ Injury in Blunt Chest Trauma. (Content in english)
Road Traffic Accidents in Prince Zaid Bin Al-Hussein Hospital. (Content in french and english)
Opération «ARTEMIS» : un soutien santé multinational. (Content in french and english)
Depleted Uranium in Kosovo. Results of a survey by gamma spectrometry on soil samples* (Content in french and english)
The 1998 army recruit health and diet survey* (Content in english)
El apoyo sanitario en combate urbano. (Content in french and english)
Développement et intégration des systèmes nationaux d’urgence médicale et des ressources en traumatologie* (Content in french and english)

Volume 77/1 (Click on the button to see all the english contents)

South African military health services involvement in the control of a foot and mouth disease outbreak in the province of Kwa-Zulu/Natal, South Africa during 2000* (Content in french and english)
Le syndrome de détresse respiratoire aiguë révélateur d’un poumon éosinophile tropical à propos d’une observation. (Content in french and english)
Préparation médicale des personnels participant aux nouvelles missions* (Content in french and english)
Biacore and biodefense : the generation and characterization of protective monoclonal antibodies to botulinum neurotoxin type A. (No contents)
Principles of the four point Straussër TRIM. A case study with regards to Laminitis* (Content in french)
Lessons in Partnering with Host Nations during Humanitarian Operations* (Content in french, english and spanish)
The development and structuring of occupational health and safety in the Department of Defence (DOD)* (Content in english)
Guidelines to create a culture sensitive learning context* (Content in french and english)
Behavioural problems in the working horse* (Content in french and english)
Chemosensory impairment in missile head injury* (Content in french and english)

2008 vol 81 - 2007 vol 80 - 2006 vol 79 - 2005 vol 78 - 2004 vol 77