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Report of the International Military Forum On Emerging Infectious Diseases


International Military Forum On Emerging Infectious Diseases:
The Military's Role Under International Health Regulations
(IHR 2005)

12-16 September 2010
Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation


Report of the International Military Forum On Emerging Infectious Diseases:
The Military’s Role Under International Health Regulations
(IHR 2005)

Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
12-16 September 2010


This forum was co-sponsored by the International Committee on Military Medicine (ICMM), the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center/GEIS (AFHSC/GEIS), and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, with the participation of the World Health Organization (WHO). It gathered together 143 participants, coming from 42 countries. 31 speakers gave oral presentations on different aspects of the military’s role in alert and response to emerging infectious diseases.

14 September 2010
Morning Session Theme: “Welcome and Background on EID and IHRs”
The Challenge of Emerging Infectious Disease - Dr. James HUGHES (USA)
Historical-legal Aspects of Interaction of Civilian and Military Components of Public Health at International and National Levels - Col. Ivan KHOLIKOV (Russian Federation)
Interface Between Health and Security and the Role of the Military - Dr. Maurizio BARBESCHI (WHO)
Overview of IHR: The Union of Surveillance and Global Health Security - Dr. Bruce PLOTKIN (WHO)

Afternoon Session theme: “The Global State of EID Detection”
Global Surveillance Systems - Capt. Scott DOWELL (USCDC)
Global Military Surveillance of EID - Capt. Kevin RUSSELL (USA)
Role of International Collaborations in Early Recognition of and Response to the Influenza Pandemic in Russia - Prof. Anna SOMINIA (Russian Federation)
European CDC Surveillance of EID - Dr. Massimo CIOTTI (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control)
Update on Pandemic H1N1 in Russia - Dr. Oleg KISELEV (Russian Federation)
Update on Pandemic H1N1 Globally - Dr. Maria VAN KERKHOVE (UK)

15 September 2010
Morning Session Theme: “ICMM Regional Activities in EID Preparedness”
Pan Africa Regional Working Group - Lt-Col. Jacob Cloete Jansen VAN VUUREN - (South Africa)
Maghribian Regional Working Group - Lt-Col. Ridha BELLAAJ - (Tunisia)
Pan Arab Regional Working Group - Col. Ali AL BARRAK - (Saudi Arabia)
Pan American Regional Working Group - RADM Jose Luiz M. AMARANTE Jr. (Brazil)
European Regional Working Group - Col. Sergei BANKOUL - (Switzerland)
Asian Pacific Regional Working Group - Maj. Vernon LEE - (Singapore)

16 September 2010
Morning Session Theme: “Response to the Challenge of Global EID”
Risk Communication with Respect to EID Surveillance - Dr. Julie FISCHER (USA)
Public Health Crisis Event Management - Mr. Paul COX (WHO)
The Military’s Role in Laboratory Sciences - Col. Jean-Louis KOECK (France)
Epidemiology in Deployed Settings - Dr. Hans HOLTHERM (Germany)

Afternoon Session Theme: “The EID Challenge to Global Health Security: Way Forward”
Forecasting the Future: Attempts to Predict Outbreaks Before They Occur - Dr. Kenneth LINTHICUM (USA)
Challenges of Civil-Military Coordination in the Health Sector Humanitarian Response, With a Focus on the Role of the International Health Regulations - Dr. chen REIS (WHO)
Information Management Systems - Dr. Joan NEYRA (Peru)

The presentations delivered during this forum will be published as articles in the International Review of the Armed Forces Medical Services, official organ of the ICMM.