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150 Anniversary of the St-Petersburg Declaration



St-Petersburg, Russia

29 November to 1st December 2018



On behalf of the ICMM Secretary General, his Legal Advisor Professor Ivan KHOLIKOV has attended the International Conference named “150 Anniversary of the St. Petersburg Declaration Renouncing the Use, in Time of War, of Certain Explosive Projectiles: New Context, Undiminished Relevance” which took place in St. Petersburg from 29 November to 1 December, 2018.

The Declaration adopted in 1868, has initiated the deep changes in the attitude towards mean and methods of warfare.

The event was organized by the International Committee of Red Cross and was opened by the Chairman of the Council of Federations of the Russian Federation Valentina MATVIENKO and the ICRC President Peter MAURIER. It was combined with a session of Interparliament Assembly of the CIS countries and was also attended by parliamentarians, members of ministries of foreign affairs, justice and defence of different countries along with representatives of international organisations, famous scientists, politicians and experts in the field of international humanitarian law.

According to Peter MAURIER the control over the systems of armament and the use of force must be maintained through cooperation of the states. “By means of joint efficient, through various initiatives, negotiating with all parties to the conflict, we can achieve success in accomplishing of old obligations in disarmament, compliance with international humanitarian law and provision of peace and security” - he said.

During the Conference the plenary meetings along with thematic sessions were held, dedicated to the input of St. Petersurg Declaration in the development of international humanitarian law, regulation of means and methods of warfare in modern conflicts and current challenges in humanitarian domain.

The Conference adopted the resolution which calls to “continue following the basic principals and ideas of St. Petersburg Declaration and to apply all necessary efforts to develop its values”.