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Report of the 8th ICMM Workshop on Military Medical Ethics


Report of the 8th ICMM Workshop
on Military Medical Ethics

Lilienberg, Switzerland

3-5 May, 2018



The 8th ICMM Workshop on Military Medical Ethics, specifically on Ethics of Military Medical Innovation, Experimentation, and Enhancement took place in Ermatingen/Lilienberg, Switzerland, from 3 to 5 May, 2018.

There were 42 registered participants from the military and civilian sectors, specialists in different areas of community of concern (physicians, lawyers, theologists, philosophers, researchers, artificial intelligence specialists etc.) from many European countries, as well as from overseas - Australia, Canada, USA.

In 6 thematically targeted sessions there were altogether sixteen 30-minute-lectures presented, most of them of excellent quality, offered by highly respected speakers. These then were followed by lively specific discussions which many times continued during breaks and free time of participants. The participation in the Workshop offered to all participants an actual overview of many ethical problems our societies - human kind as such - have been facing recently, and even more importantly may expect to become reality in near or relatively longer future. All of that has direct implications for medical and also military theory and practice as such.

The organizers plan to publish/as it was in the past too/ a proceedings book of the Workshop. Even more they have been dealing with the Springer publisher, and would like to publish a "collection" of all books of the same design from all those workshops. The Workshop, as usual, was organized in an excellent way with a perfect logistic support. It was mostly related to work of LTC Dr. David WINKLER, Dr. phil. Daniel MESSELKEN and all other members of their team and personnel at the spot. The Surgeon General of the Swiss Armed Forces Medical Directorate - Maj Gen Andres STETTBACHER himself, was present during the first and last days, and demonstrated importance of such conferences. In his concluding remarks he pointed-out on philosophical problems the human society is facing, bringing probably more questions than answers.