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Report of the 8th Military Health Course on Methodology and Medical Writing



Tunis, Tunisia
1-4 June 2021




The 8th Military Health Course on Methodology and Medical Writing was held during the period from 01 to 04 June 2021 at the Armed Forces’ Health Service Training school in Tunis. It aims to encourage publication in national and international medical journals and to increase the chances of acceptance of proposed manuscripts.

This is an annual event organized by the Directorate General for Military Health of Tunisia in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis (FMT) - University Tunis El Manar (UTM). It is recommended by the International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM). The 2021 session was also accredited by the national health accreditation Authority. The course had two sessions; a French session since 2012 and an English session since 2016.

The opening ceremony of the course was presided by the Director General of Military Health, Major General MD M. FERJANI in the presence of the Dean of the FMT.

Due to the epidemiological situation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the course was limited to Tunisian participants with a reduced number to 56 medical staff between civilian and military. The respect of the health protocol to fight against Covid-19 was imposed. The participants were divided into English (26 participants) and French (30 participants) sessions. Their selection was based on motivation and presentation of a draft article or research paper, date of registration and previous application to register for previous sessions.

The course provided an opportunity for participants to learn about epidemiological studies and research protocols and the use of SPSS statistical data analysis software. It allowed reinforcing the knowledge related to the different types of scientific articles, to master the techniques of writing according to the IMRAD plan, the use of English and the bibliographical research on the Internet and particularly on PubMed and the transcription of references using the Zotero software.

The course went well according to the pre-established program, the objectives were achieved and the timing was respected. The scientific program of the course included 37 lectures and 20 workshops, with an hourly volume of 26 hours per session divided between theoretical training and practical activities. The committee emphasized the parallelism of the sessions between the English and French sessions. The training was interactive, based on participants' experiences and discussion of examples. Each session was led by a speaker accompanied by facilitators. Group work was conducted in the form of writing exercises related to the different chapters of the article.

With regard to other scientific events in military health, the committee was keen to accredit the course. The National Health Accreditation Authority granted 15.5 CPDU (Unit of Continuous Professional Development) for both English and French sessions. Accreditation consists of verifying the quality and conformity of continuing education and professional development activities to the standards established according to international recommendations adapted to Tunisian regulation.

The next session of the course (9th CMMW) is scheduled for the period from 04 to 08 April 2022.


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