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Report of the 7th Regional Assembly of the Pan Arab Regional Working Group of the ICMM


Report of the 7th Regional Assembly of the Pan Arab
Regional Working Group of the ICMM

King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center
Dead Sea, Jordan

15-18 November, 2016



From 15th to 18th November 2016, the Royal Medical Service of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan held its 8th international conference inaugurated by His Majesty King Abdullah Ibn Al-Hussein. This congress was once more a real success in terms of quality of the scientific presentations, warm welcome of foreign delegations, and excellent organization of the numerous parallel sessions.

On this occasion, General Major Muin AL HABASHNEH, Jordan Delegate to the ICMM and Chairman of the Pan Arab Regional Working Group invited its counterparts for a Regional Assembly. This Assembly took place on 16th November in the King Hussein Convention Center of the Dead Sea. Delegates of the following countries attended this Assembly: ALGERIA, OMAN, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, BAHRAIN, SAUDI ARABIA, JORDAN, TUNISIA, IRAQ, PALESTINE, EGYPT, LIBYA, SUDAN. Exchanges in Arabic with simultaneous interpreting in English were of good quality and covered different topics exposed below.

A special tribute has been paid to Colonel Major Fetih BAYOUDH of TUNISIA, who died tragically in the attacks of ISTANBUL airport last June.

JORDAN will chair the Pan Arab RWG until 2018. At the end of this mandate, TUNISIA will take up the torch during a Regional Congress in HAMMAMET.

TUNISIA presented the current state of scientific activities it carries for the benefit of participants of the ICMM member countries, such as the Course for Health Support in Saharan Environment, the French speaking course on Law of Armed Conflicts, a course on the issue of water in operation, a course on infectious diseases and a course on methodology and writing of scientific papers in French. A possible extension of this course into English with the help of the RWG members has been discussed. This request must be further investigated.

JORDAN exposed its approach to CBRN incidents/accidents. It was clear from the discussions that protocols set up at a national level raised interest among RWG members. They will receive a summary document.

An update of the list of each RWG member country liaison officers and coordinators has been requested from the attending Delegates.

The Secretary of the RWG asked an active involvement from members to provide input for the website of the Pan Arabic Regional Work Group. Delegates ensured they wanted to maintain the website and to get involved in the scientific development of the group.

Upon request of the Secretary General of the ICMM, the Secretary of the RWG, Colonel Asem AL HIARI added to the agenda the “Health Care in Danger” project of the International Committee of the Red Cross. He asked to the Deputy Secretary General (DSG) to present a summary of it. After summarizing the project, the DSG reminded of the ICMM involvement voted during the General Assembly in BALI in May 2015; the Secretary General received a specific mandate to co-sign a document reminding the principles of medical ethics related to practice of health care and protection of the patient in situations of peace, but also in conflicts or other disasters. The signatories, including the ICMM, also committed to promoting the project of the ICRC among their respective members. The DSG reminded of and showed the e-learning tools developed by the ICRC on the project website.

No other topic was presented in the session. The Chairman of the RWG closed the Regional Assembly.

During the Conference, the legal advisor of the Secretary General (Colonel (ret) Johan CROUSE, South Africa) and the Director of the ICMM Reference Centre for Education on IHL and Ethics (Lt-Colonel Dr David WINKLER, Switzerland) actively got involved in the scientific sessions of the Jordan congress, dealing topics of international humanitarian law and of military medical ethics during a workshop and three other lectures held in the session dedicated to military medicine.

Major General
ICMM Deputy Secretary General