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Report of the 6th Regional Pan American Congress on Military Medicine


Managua, Nicaragua
28th November to 3rd December 2010




Subject: 6th Regional Pan-American Congress of ICMM (WKG)
Place: Managua (Republic of Nicaragua)
Date: From the 28th of November to the 03rd of December 2010
Delegation of ICMM: Roger VAN HOOF (ASG) - Humberto PEROZO (representative for Latinamerica)
President of the Congress: BrigGen Jaime René DARCE RIVERA

1. Programme:

Sunday 28: Registry and housing in hotel Crowne Plaza Managua. At 19h, welcome cocktail.

Monday 29: At 8h30 : Opening of the Congress by the President of the Pan-American Committee, Brigade General DARCE RIVERA and official photo session.
At 10h30: Plenary scientific session: Topic: "Diseases".
From 14h: Scientific programme in parallel with a scientific programme of COPRECOS LAC (Comité de Prevención y Control del VIH/SIDA de las Fuerzas Armadas y Policiales de Latinoamerica y Caribe). At 17h: Meeting of the delegations for the opening ceremony of the Congress.
At 18h30: Arrival of the President of the Republic of Nicaragua, Mr. Daniel ORTEGA. Openings ceremony with military presentation of the flags of the participating countries. Distribution of honorary distinctions by president Daniel ORTEGA to some autorities such as the representative of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs of USA, BG Margaret WILMOTH, a representative of the regional desk of OMS in Washington, Mrs Socorro GROSS-GALIANO. The Honorary Distinction to the Secretary General of ICMM was handed over to his representative. Speech of the President of the Pan-American Committee of ICMM, Brigade General DARCE RIVERA, speech of the Chief of the Armed Forces of Nicaragua, General Julio César Avilés CASTILLO, speech of the representative of the Secretary General of ICMM Major General Med. Roger VAN HOOF, speech of 1h30 of the President of the Republic of Nicaragua, Daniel ORTEGA.
At 21h: Diner for the chiefs of delegation.

Tuesday 30: At 8h30: The whole morning: scientific plenary sessions: topic: "Management of risks".
At 14h: The whole afternoon: Scientific sessions of the congress, in parallel with a scientific programme of COPRECOS LAC.
Presentation by a delegation of Nigeria of the next world Congress 2011 in Abuja.

At 17h30: Regional Assembly of the Pan-American Regional Working of ICMM.
At 19h: Official diner in the mess of the Army of Nicaragua: speech of the General Director of the Congress : Colonel Alemi Jorge Tinoco FONSECA, speech of the Chief of the Military Medical Service of Argentina, speech of Major General Denis Membreño RIVAS, Inspector-General of the Armed Forces of Nicaragua.

Wednesday 1: At 8h30: Seminar on the occasion of the World AIDS-day.
At 10h30: Plenary scientific sessions: Topic: "AIDS".
At 14h: The whole afternoon : scientific sessions of the congress, in parallel with a scientific programme of COPRECOS LAC.
At 17h30: Regional Assembly of the Pan-American Regional Working of ICMM.
At 19h: Cultural night with presentation of songs and folkloric dances.

Jeudi 2: At 8h30: During the whole morning: Scientific sessions.
At 14h: Plenary scientific sessions: Topic: "Management of means".
At 16h: Closing ceremony.

2. Regional Assembly:


a) Active Members: (present - absent)

Member States Paid in
2008 2009 2010
United States of America

b) Non Active Members and observators: (present - absent)

El Salvador
Costa Rica
Republica Domenica
Trinidad y Tobago
Guyana Francesa

c) International participants:

The Assembly is chaired by Brigade General Jaime René DARCE RIVERA and the only language is the Spanish language. At the start of the assembly, no translation is provided. After protest of Canada, a translator is given to Canada at the end of the meeting. Canada was not present anymore at the second session of the Regional Assembly!

point 1: Approval of the presence of the delegations.
This has not been discussed by the president! There seemed to be no difference between countries that are ‘observers’ and countries that have never been in contact with the ICMM.

point 2: Report of the president.
- Comments:
Website of CPMM: CPMM wants to install a own website. The representative of Argentina in the GA (an specialist in informatics!) proposed his help.

point 3: Information from ASG of ICMM: we have remind them on two occasions that only the countries that paid their annual fee, could vote. At the start of the GA all countries were voting and the president didn’t react. After the first comment of the ASG only Panama persisted in voting. A second reminding comment was needed before the president reacted.

point 4: Proposals about the relations between CPMM and COPRECOS LAC.
it seems the actual president of CPMM signed already a agreement with COPRECOS LAC. This agreement never has been signed by the SG of ICMM.

point 5: Proposals about relations of CPMM with the regional desk of the WHO.
CPMM wants to sign a same agreement as that what was signed between ICMM and WHO. The president of CPMM asked many times a copy of the agreement between ICMM and WHO. Until now this copy was not sent to him by the SG of ICMM. The president of CPMM asked a working group by some member states, in order to make a proposal of an agreement. This proposal could be approved and signed later on (when?). We haved stressed the fact that such an agreement has to be signed also by the SG of CIMM.

point 6: Proposals on the work lines 2010-2012.
a. Motivating observer countries to become active member of the ICMM.
b. Try to send participants to the different courses that are offered by some member countries. CPMM wants to perform the selection of the candidates.
c. Look for a better contract with COPRECOS LAC in order to become some finances.
d. Study of the strategic plan of ICMM, distributed during the GA.
e. Relations with ICMM: The GA will send a motion to the SG to ask for the financing of the trip to the GA and the World Congress of ICMM of the president of CPMM.

point 7 et 8: Election of the new organizing country of the 7th Pan-American Congress and election of the new president of CPMM.
Before the start of the GA, the member states seemed to be unanimous about the election of the Republic of Dominica as the new organizing country. However, we stressed the fact that this country was not a active member anymore of ICMM and thus this country could not be a candidate. The representative of the country called to his military autorities who pretended to have received the invoice of the SG of ICMM only two weeks ago. They agreed to pay the fee and the representative even wanted to pay it right away by credit card. We accepted at that time the candidature of his country under condition that the fee sould be paid immediately, otherwise, the mandate of the actual president should have to be prolonged till there would be a solution.
Under this condition, the Brigade General med. H. Perez COMPRES of the Republic of Dominica will be the next president of CPMM.
He will organise in 2012 the 7th Panamerican congress at Republic of Dominica.

Conclusion :
The sixth Pan-American congress was a succes. The preparation, the management, the administration and the scientific activities were O.K. Very good general regional participation.
To mention : errors in the application of the Statuts and ROE of the ICMM.