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Report of the 5th Military Health Course on Methodology and Medical Writing


Tunis, Tunisia - 4-8 April 2017




The 5th Course of Military Health in Medical Writing Methodology was held from 4th to 8th April 2017 at the Military Health Services’ School in Tunis. This course was organized by the Tunisian General Directorate of military health (DGS) with the partnership of the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis and recommended by the International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM). The 2017 session was accredited by the National Instance of Health. The course is composed of two simultaneous sessions in both French and English languages since 2016.

The opening ceremony was chaired by the Surgeon General of Tunisian Armed Forces, Brigadier General (Pr) Mondher YEDEAS with the presence of the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis. The closing ceremony, also chaired by Brigadier General (Pr) Mondher YEDEAS was held in the presence of General Director of Public Health.

73 medical personnel from Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Palestine, Ghana and Tunisia participated to this course.

The learners’ selection was based on motivation, the presentation of a draft article or a draft research work, the registration date and if they already registered in a previous session.

The teaching committee was composed of Tunisian military and civilian members and enhanced by the participation of international speakers from France (belonging to NewMed Publishing Service), USA, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The course was designed to encourage the medical publishing in national and international journals and to increase the chances of acceptance of submitted papers.

The course provided, to the participants, an opportunity to learn about epidemiological studies and research protocols and to know how to use SPSS statistics’ software and data analysis. It enhanced knowledge about different types of scientific papers, medical writing techniques according to IMRAD plan, and the procedures of bibliography research on internet and references’ transcription with Zotero software.

The course went well according to the pre-established program, the objectives have been achieved and the timing was respected.

The scientific program of the course included 24 lectures and 13 workshops, with 33 hours for each session divided into academic lectures and workshops. The training was interactive, based on the experience of the participants and the discussion of many examples. Each session was under the responsibility of a speaker with facilitators. Group works have been conducted as a writing exercise including the different chapters of the article.

As for the other scientific events in military health, the committee willed to achieve the accreditation the course by the National instance of Health Accreditation.

As it has been announced, the medal of the best publication was awarded for the three previous sessions of the course. The scientific committee made the evaluation and chose the best publication. Medals were given to the selected participants at the closing ceremony.

The 6th session of the course is scheduled from 2nd to 06th April, 2018.