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Report of the 3rd ICMM Pan Asia Pacific Congress on Military Medicine



St-Petersburg, Russia

8-12 August, 2016




From 8th to 12th August 2016 in St Petersburg, the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defence, together with the Military Medical Directorate, the State Hermitage Museum and the ICMM, organized the 3rd ICMM Congress on military medicine of the Pan Asia-Pacific Regional Working Group under the guidance of Major General Professor A. FISUN, Chief of the Main Military Medical Directorate.

More than 200 members from military medical services of many ICMM member countries of the Pan Asia Pacific Regional Working Group, and sometimes even from far beyond the region, (RUSSIA, CHINA, JAPAN, THAILAND, INDIA, INDONESIA, SINGAPORE, IRAN, BAHRAIN, SAUDI ARABIA, SERBIA, TUNISIA, MEXICO, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) attended the Congress. BELARUS, KAZAKHSTAN and LAOS, not yet members of the ICMM, sent a delegation of participants.

The topics of the Congress were focused on four main fields in military medicine, namely
- The organization of medical provision of care to the deployed troops,
- Organization of medical Support of Armed Forces, including Disaster Relief Operations. Aviation, Space and Naval Medicine.
- Surgery, anaesthesia and intensive cares in emergency situations,
- Modern Issues of War Surgery in Peacekeeping and Disaster Relief Operations.
- Fighter’s mental health protection and revalidation and
- Modern Issues of War Therapy. Mental Health of the Servicemen Engaged in Combat, Peacekeeping and Disaster Relief operations.
- Epidemiology and diagnosis of infectious diseases in military medicine.
- Preventive Medicine and Treatment of Infectious Diseases Endemic for the Region.

Up to 60 papers presented the results of work and research conducted by military medicine services across the world. The high quality of these presentations allowed attendees to exchange their operational experiences and the debates were very constructive, in line with the International Committee of Military Medicine objectives.

During the Regional Assembly chaired by MG Prof. A. FISUN, the new Chairman of the Pan Asia-Pacific Regional Working Group, delegates of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, CHINA, THAILAND, SINGAPORE, JAPAN, INDONESIA and INDIA discussed the results of scientific activities from 2014 to 2016. These were presented by the Representative of THAILAND, who has been thanked and congratulated for the quality of the work performed.

The RUSSIAN FEDERATION Delegate introduced the topics to be discussed during the Russian Presidency and that will focus on natural disasters situations, emerging infectious diseases and on health challenges related to Chemical, Bacteriological, Radiological and Nuclear risks. Conforming to the recommendations of the ICMM Secretary General, special attention will be paid to the « Healthcare in Danger » project initiated by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The Regional Assembly welcomed the Islamic Republic of Iran as new member and approved its application for the RWG Presidency from 2018.

As part of the Congress, our Russian hosts organized an international contest of combat first aid, following a series of educational and training sessions. The participants to the Congress had the opportunity to observe performances of several teams from KAZAKHSTAN, CHINA, ZIMBABWE and RUSSIA which received special awards.

Parallel to the lectures, an exhibition of medical equipment and material allowed attendees to be informed on industrial technological progress, as well as on the results of Research and Development programs of military researchers.

A cultural program capped this great organization with a visit of some collections of the well-known State Hermitage Museum collections. Some of its famous pieces are presented in the buildings of the Military Medical Academy directed by Major General Professor A.N. BELSKIH.

We hope that many participants will meet again for the 4th Congress of the Pan Asia-Pacific Regional Working Group in IRAN in 2018.

Major General Pierre NEIRINCKX, MD
Deputy Secretary General of the ICMM