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Report of the 3rd ICMM Regional Course on Law Of Armed Conflicts and Ethics (LOAC)


Tunis. Tunisia
07-14 October 2014




Report of the 3rd ICMM Regional Course on
Law Of Armed Conflicts and Ethics (LOAC)

The 3rd ICMM Regional Course on the Law Of Armed Conflict (LOAC) and ethics has been held in Tunis, Tunisia, under the patronage of Minister of National Defence and under the aegis of the ICMM from 7 to 14 October 2014 at the School of the Military Medical Service.

It was attended by 24 participants from 7 different french speaking countries: Algeria (2), Belgium (1), Cote d’Ivoire (1), Gabon (1), Senegal (1) Chad (2) and Tunisia (16).
The program of the Course was similar than the ICMM Reference Center for Education of International Humanitarian Law and Ethics in Spiez, Switzerland. He associated lectures in plenary sessions, workshops and e-learning sessions.
The participants were divided into two classes managed by teachers from Canada, Switzerland and Tunisia. One class was was supervised by Lieutenant-Colonel Pascal ZEN-RUFFINEN (Switzerland), Colonel Major Prof. Fethi BAYOUDH (Tunisia), Captain Dr. Hager BARAKIZOU (Tunisia) and Captain Judge Kaies CHERNI (Tunisia). The second Class was supervised by Lieutenant-Colonel (ret.) Sylvain FOURNIER (Canada), Colonel Dr. Ali MRABET and Colonel Dr. Riadh ALLANI.

The training was based on the principles of International Humanitarian Law, the Geneva Conventions and their additional protocols and the Hague Convention.

Participants were sensitized by the contribution and the topics of the LOAC Course and established the practical links between the LOAC Course and the specific tasks of military medical services. In their learning, they also identified the limitations and challenges to implement the LOAC contents.

The main topics were: the status of wounded, sick and shipwrecked; the protection of medical personnel, prisoners of war and captured and the protection of civilians.

Acquisitions relating to these subjects were tested during the exercise "Tacticus".

The last two days of the Course were devoted to the Medical Ethics. Dr. Daniel MESSELKEN (Switzerland) presented the fundamentals of Medical Ethics and problems in certain situations in peacetime and in times of crisis.

The Tunisian Minister for Health, Professor MS BEN AMMAR honored and enriches the Course with a lecture on Medical Ethics in times of crises.
The Permanent Mission of the ICRC in Tunisia presented the issues and challenges of humanitarian action in armed conflicts as well as the project "Health Care in Danger".

Through the assessment performed during the Course, participants were able to confirm that the Course was a success. This is the result of the efforts of the teachers, the Organizing committee and the full support of the Ministry of National Defense of Tunisia, its departments, the Directorate General of Military health, the School of the Military Medical Service, the ICMM Reference Center for Education of International Humanitarian Law and Ethics, the ICRC and pharmaceutical companies.
Teachers and members of the Organizing committee stressed the need to support the Course and continue to do so.

Col Major Professor Fethi BAYOUDH
Course Director of ICMM LOAC Tunis
Special Adviser to the Chairman of the Scientific Council of the ICMM.