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Report of the 3rd ICMM Pan Arab Regional Working Group Congress on Military Medicine


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
9th to 13th December 2012






The Congress was organized by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the huge Congress Center "ADNEC" located in the middle of the city of Abu Dhabi (ADNEC for Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company), with conference halls offering a capacity of 1000 guests.

From 9 to 13 December 2012

ICMM delegation
Brigadier General Hilary M.A. AGADA (MD), Chairman of the ICMM; Major General (ret.) Roger VAN HOOF (MD), ICMM Secretary General; Major General Prof. (ret.) Marcel MERLIN (MD), Chairman of the ICMM Scientific Council; Mr. Paul ZABOURI, ICMM Director of Communication.

Chairman of the congress
Col. Staff. Dr. Mohammed Sabiel AL DHANHANI, Commander, Medical Services Corps, UAE Armed Forces.

Sunday December 9th, registration and icebreaker reception.
Monday December 10th, Opening Ceremony; Visit of the Exhibition; Plenary Session I; Symposiums A, B, C, D, E and F; Round Table on Education and Training; Round Table on Dentistry; Poster Exhibition; 1st session of the Regional Assembly.
Tuesday December 11th, Plenary Sessions II and III; Symposiums G, H, I, J, K and L; Round Table on Medico Military Logistics, Round Table on Pharmacy; Round Table on Veterinary Sciences; Poster Exhibition; 2nd session of the Regional Assembly; Official Dinner.
Wednesday December 12th, tourist events: Al Ain Tour or Dubai Tour.
Thursday December 13th, Plenary Session IV; Symposiums M, N and O; Poster Exhibition; Closing Ceremony.

25 countries were represented.
Delegations from the Pan Arab Regional Working Group (RWG): Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen.
Delegations from other ICMM member states: China, France, South Korea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, UK, USA
Observers: Belarus, Oman, Qatar, NATO.

Scientific activities
Scientific themes of the congress
Humanitarian Military Intervention.
Impact of Illness and non-combat Injuries on Soldiers and their Readiness.
Recent Advances in Military Medicine.
Wartime Evacuations.

Scientific sessions and round tables:
69 speakers, from 18 countries, delivered 76 oral presentations (7 of these speakers delivered 2 presentations), 11 in plenary sessions and 65 in parallel sessions.
6 of these 18 countries were member states of the Pan Arab RWG (33%), represented by 40 speakers (52,6% of the whole panel) thanks to the strong representation of the host country (30 speakers).

53 presentations (67%) addressed the 4 main themes of the congress, 23 others (33%) addressed various themes of military medicine or civilian medicine performed by military health personnel.
After UAE (39,4%), USA (19,7%) and UK (10,5%) were the main providers of presentations.
Five Round Tables addressed the following topics: Military Medical Ethics; Logistics And Resource Management In the Field (Pharmacists); The Interface Between Animal, Men and the Environment ; Administration and Medico-Military Logistics in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief ; DNA Applications and the 21st Century Application.

Agenda of the Regional Assembly
1- Welcoming the Sultanate of Oman & the State of Qatar for their application to join ICMM.
2- Creating a website for the Pan Arab RWG, linked to the ICMM website preferably in Arabic.
3- Establishing and activating the scientific committee for the Pan Arab RWG within the regulations of ICMM.
4- Awarding the Pan Arab RWG Prize to an individual/institution from a member state in appreciation/ recognition of his/her/their distinguished scientific work.
5- Naming representative/point of contact for each member state.
6- Naming the regional secretary for the Pan Arab RWG for the next 2 years.
7- Selecting the member state which will host the 4th regional Pan Arab RWG congress on military medicine.
8- Discussing ways to support the medical services in the KSA in organizing the 40th ICMM international congress.

The material setting up of the congress, the quality of translation for the scientific events, the tourist events and official dinners, the security conditions, the atmosphere of sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience, and the hospitality of the Host Country were greatly appreciated by all the participants, who underlined the high quality of the scientific presentations. A lot of these scientific presentations will be published as articles in the International Review of the Armed Forces Medical Services, official ICMM’s scientific journal.

The Kingdom of Jordan will be the host country for the 4th ICMM Regional Pan Arab Congress to be held in 2014.