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Report of the 2nd Military Health Course on Methodology and Medical Writing


Tunis, Tunisia - 7-12 April 2014





The 2nd Military Health Course on Methodology and Medical Writing was held during the period from 7 to 12 April 2014 at the Military Health Services’ School (EASSA) in Tunis. This is a francophone course recommended by the International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM) organized by the Directorate General of Military Health of Tunisia (DGS) with partnership of the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis (FMT).

The opening ceremony was chaired by the Director General of Military Health, Brigadier General (Pr) Mr. YEDEAS and enhanced by the presence of Prof. MS BEN AMMAR, Minister of Public Health who presented the inaugural conference dedicated to the ethics in medical writing. The closing ceremony was chaired by Mr. S. M’HAMDI, Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of National Defense.

The course targeted 30 medical personnel from Algeria, Lebanon, Mauritania, Senegal and Tunisia. Participants were divided among 14 Medical officers from DGS, 10 residents and young assistant professors from FMT and 6 officers from ICMM member states. Their selection was based on motivation and presentation of a draft paper or draft research protocol.

The teaching committee was composed of Tunisian military and civilian university doctors and strengthened by providing a French guest speaker from New Med Publishing Services (NMP). This course was planned to encourage the medical publication in national and international reviews and to increase the chances of acceptance of submitted manuscripts.

This course provided an opportunity for participants to learn about the epidemiological studies and research protocols and the use of SPSS software for statistics and data analysis. It enhanced knowledge about different types of scientific papers, medical writing techniques according IMRAD plan, the use of bibliography research on internet (PubMed) and references’ transcription with Zotero software.

The course scientific program included 21 lectures and 13 workshops with an hourly volume of 40 hours divided between theoretical training and practical activities. The training was interactive, based on the experience of participants and discussion of examples. Each session was led by a lecturer accompanied by facilitators. Group works were conducted as writing exercises interesting the various chapters of the article. This session program was enriched by lectures on medical ethics, plagiarism, Zotero software and the critical reading of an article.

At the end of this session, the course participants will be coached by the teaching committee to assist and encourage them to continue the effort until the publication of the article. The success of this 2nd session and the increased number of requests, exceeding this year 50 candidates, can only strengthen the course to evolve under the aegis of ICMM and in partnership with the FMT and NMP to give not only more space to military medicine articles, but also to the introduction of medical English in order to encourage publication in English.

The organizing committee thanks all the scientists and support partners who have helped to evolve this event to an international course. He also thanks the participants for their attentions, inputs and motivation, and for the exchange that they brought along this event; only guarantor for its success. Francophone health officers from ICMM member states are all invited to participate massively in the next session of this course to be held in Tunis in April 2015.