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Report of the Tunis 2nd Regional Course on Law Of Armed Conflicts and Ethics


Tunis, Tunisia - 14-21 may 2013


Report of the 2nd Regional Course
on Law Of Armed Conflicts and Ethics (LOAC)

Tunis 2nd Regional LOAC and Ethics Course took place in Tunis (EASSA) from 14th to 21st May 2013 and was conducted in French language. It was a success for both, numbers of participants and participating countries which responded to the invitation of Tunisia, and for the content presented by various speakers and the results obtained. All course objectives have been achieved. Organization by the host country leaves nothing to wish. Few suggestions should give ideas and further enhance a course that is already excellent.

A total of 28 participants from Algeria (2) Brazil (1) Cameroon (3) Morocco (1) Mali (1) Namibia (2) and Tunisia (18) have been assigned in two classes under the direction of Mrs. Pamela ERMUTH (Canada) and Colonel Peter HOSTETTLER (Swiss). All participants were awarded the coursediploma. Participation in class and discussions was outstanding, and so was the quality of presentations in theTACTICUS exercise at the end of the course.

The syllabus is oriented from the Spiez reference course’s program. Tunisian and foreign speakers were able to share their knowledge and their operational experience; participants had shown great interest in the issues addressed in lectures and discussions.

Tunisian armed forces expressed a great hospitality and showed their professionalism to both teachers and participants. Participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and history as well as culinary traditions; the coaching of the course by cultural aspects was perfect.

Supervision by the school (EASSA) staff was perfect in every moment. Support staff did his best to make the stay pleasant and fulfill all the participants’ requests in the shortest possible time, congratulations. The plenary and classroom rooms were well equipped and offered good working conditions for the size of classes. Documentation was complete, and education programs with audiovisuals support worked very well.

Meals were good, and the coffee break has played an important role in allowing through exchange of classes. The welcome dinner at the yachting club and the course closing ceremony deserve to be mentioned as special moments of this course. It was the same for the teachers’ dinner.

The welcomeand departureto the airportworkedin perfectway, and alltransportsduring thedurationof the course. The hotelwas quitecomfortableand well located.The service wasoutstanding.

The ICMM wishes to thank the Ministry of defense of Tunisia and Tunisian armed forces, and especially Senior Colonel Mondher YEDEAS Director General of Military Health Service, Senior Colonel Fethi BAYOUDH Director of EASSA, Lt. Colonel Riadh ALLANI and all others who participated in the preparation and realization of this regional course. An important step has been established in introducing this course as regional course in the Spiez course model.

We invite you, dear officers from the all military health service ICMM members, to participate massively in the next session of this French version course which will be held at Eassa (Tunis) during the period from 13 to 20 May 2014 and that the ICMM plan to evolve it towards a French reference course. No simultaneous translation to English will be provided.


Colonel Peter HOSTETTLER
ICMM Secretary General Representative