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Report of the 1st ICMM Pan Asia Pacific Congress on Military Medicine


Beijing, China
26th to 29th October 2010



Report of the 1st ICMM Pan Asia Pacific Congress on Military Medicine
in China

Subject: 1st ICMM Asia-Pacific Regional Congress (RWG)
Place: Beijing (People’s Republic of China)
Date: 25 - 29 October 2010
ICMM delegation: Dr. Jacques SANABRIA (SG) and MajGen Dr.Marcel MERLIN (CSC)
Congress Chairman: MajGen ZHANG Yanling

1. Program:

Monday 25: Registration and accommodation at the Hotel Intercontinental in Beijing.
17:00 - Meeting with MajGen ZHANG and his delegation.
18:30 - Welcome cocktail party.
Tuesday 26: 11:00 - Opening ceremony with military presentation of the Chinese and ICMM flags. Speeches by MajGen ZHANG, the Secretary-General of the ICMM and the director of the General Logistics department.
Afternoon: full session of scientific presentations
19:00 - Dinner for Delegation Leaders.
Wednesday 27: 8:30 - inauguration ceremony of the new ICMM Commission for Administration and Logistics, chaired by Prof. ZHANG Lulu.
9:00 - Regional Assembly (see details below) until 12:00. Elsewhere, scientific sessions were held.
20:30 - Gala Dinner with performances of singing and dancing.
Thursday 28: 8:30 - Visit of the Military Hospital of Beijing and the Academy of Military Medicine.
11:00 - Demonstration of weapons and anti-terrorist exercise with a medical evacuation chain. Impressive demonstration of a triage station.
17:00 - Closing ceremony in the presence of the Minister of Defense.

The Congress Scientific Sessions, with the addition of an exhibition of medical equipment used in the Medical Services of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, took place in the remarkable China National Convention Center. Presentations were given by 65 speakers from 13 countries and two international organizations during the two main sessions and three parallel scientific sessions - complemented by a poster exhibition and two Round Table discussions.

The main topic of the Congress was “Enhancing Medical Support Capability through Regional Cooperation”, with four subtopics:
- Health aspects of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief,
- Military mental health,
- Infectious diseases and public health,
- Military health education and training.

Two Round Table discussions were held on these themes:
- Military medical service administration.
- Medical support in peace-keeping operations.

2. Regional Assembly:

The Asia-Pacific Regional Working Group was officially created during the 1st ICMM Pan Asia-Pacific Congress of Military Medicine, organized by China in Beijing, attended by 300 participants from 33 countries and two international organizations, as follows:

a) Active Members: Australia, Bangladesh, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, China, Afghanistan.
b) Non-active Members: Indonesia, Philippines.
c) Observers: Cambodia, North Korea, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka.
d) International delegates: UN and WHO.
e) Guests: Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Gabon, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United States, Venezuela.

The Regional Assembly was chaired by MajGen ZHANG, Yanling. Translation provided was faultless. The following points summarize the meeting:
- Definitive approval of the creation of the Asia-Pacific RWG.
- Approval of regional regulations of internal order (RIO).
- MajGen ZHANG was recognized as Chairman of the Group until the 2010 congress. The Regional Secretary is also to be from China.
- Approval of the proposal of Thailand to host the 2nd Asia-Pacific Congress in 2012.
- The ICMM Strategic Plan was distributed and comments requested by the end of December.
- A Symposium on Dengue Fever to be organized 9 - 11 March 2011 (Thailand).
- Course on medico-military logistics to be organized in Spring 2011 by the ICMM Commission for Administration and Logistics (China).
- Symposium on medical support for disaster relief is to be held in 2012. The exact date of the Symposium to be confirmed.
- Asia-Pacific regional sessions of the course on the Law of Armed Conflict and Medical Ethics to be organized, coordinated by the ICMM Reference Center of Education of International Humanitarian Law and Ethics.
- Address by the representative of the UN (Dr. Jolly ABU).
- Address by the representative of WHO (Dr LIM).
- Presentation by a delegation from Nigeria on the 2011 World Congress in Abuja.


The 1st Asia-Pacific Regional Congress on Military Medicine was a remarkable success, both in terms of organization and scientific content. Participants were also able to enjoy magnificent artistic performances during the Gala Dinner on October 27, and a chance to visit and walk along the majestic Great Wall on Friday October 29, the day after the closing ceremony.