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Report of the 1st ICMM European Congress on Military Medicine


Svetlogorsk, Russia - 8th to 11th June 2010




08-11 JUNE 2010

The main scientific topics have dealt with medical support and international medico-military cooperation in the different operations led by the European forces, notably by the Russian forces.
Some presentations intended to demonstrate how, between the Afghanistan war and the operations in North Caucasus the casualty mortality rate has been dramatically decreased due to the lessons learnt and the progresses made in all the domains from the first aid to wounded soldiers on the field, up to the admission in specialized hospital wards of the rear area.
There were communications about outbreaks linked to water borne and feco-oral infections encountered in Central Asia and Caucasus: hepatitis A (attack rate >50%), typhoid, paratyphoid, amoebiasis with lethal cases.
The will of transparency of our Russian colleagues have led to presentations on some sensitive subjects such as the exposure to highly toxic chemical agents or the technological accidents including the nuclear radiations.
Some communications were related to the exposure to extreme climatic conditions especially cold temperatures so that ICMM suggested that our Russian colleagues may think about an ICMM course on medical consequences of military deployment in cold environment.

During the Regional Assembly (RA) of the ICMM delegates the Pan European Regional Working Group (RWG) has been created by France, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia and Switzerland.
Maj. Gen. BELEVITIN, Director General of the Congress and Surgeon General of the Russian Military Medical Service has been elected chairman till the next congress and received the medal of Chairman of the Pan European RWG. Col. KHLOLIKOV is the secretary of the RWG till next congress.
The RA decided that the scientific activities of the RWG will focus on following aspects: vaccination schedules including external operations, infections of war injuries by multi resistant bacteria, PTSD, first aid organization and standards (care provided on the field by mates, paramedics and medics).
As each ICMM RWG is invited to do this year, the RA of the Pan European RWG made remarks on the draft strategic plan to be presented next year during the General Assembly of the World Congress in Nigeria.
The RA supports the idea that Russia will encourage the inscription of CIS country into ICMM, and the ICMM representatives could meet the delegates of Armenia, Belorussia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.