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Report of the 10th Tunisian-German Course on Tropical and Travel Medicine


Report of the 10th Tunisian-German Course
on Tropical and Travel Medicine

Gabès, Tunisia

7-9 October 2019



The 10th session of Tunisian-German course was organized by the Directorate General of Military Health under the patronage of the Minister of National Defence, in collaboration with the Tunisian Society of Tropical Medicine and Travel, the Department of Tropical Medicine of Bundeswehr Hospital Hamburg and in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine of Sfax. It took place at the Hotel Oasis Gabes as planned and respected the pre-established program, in the presence of the German delegation.

It is a postgraduate course certifying, accredited by the National Instance of Evaluation and Accreditation in Health. The course was provided by 20 speakers, 63 participants have enrolled in this course, there were 59 military doctors and public health and 4 paramedics.

The conferences were presented by specialized military and hospital-university medical doctors, on tropical infectious diseases and certain pathologies related to the trip, and by the doctors of the units who have already participated in the UN missions of Congo. All the presentations were of high quality, relevant, up-to-date and well-argued, respecting the expectations of the participants.

The main theme of this session was the vaccination for which we spent one day. We have emphasized immunization nationally, internationally and in the military also on the clinic and the individual and collective prophylaxis not forgetting the national programs of fight against his diseases and the participation of general direction of the military health to these programs. We have also treated arboviroses and infections eradicated in Tunisia (malaria, bilharziasis, leprosy, cholera and poliomyelitis). A workshop was devoted to cutaneous leishmaniasis with a real presentation of the parasite cycle.

The German delegation was able to get a glimpse of these diseases with their clinical and biological peculiarities. They showed their total satisfaction with this internship and the cultural program.

On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank the Director General of Military Health for the support and encouragement for the success and maintenance of the course.

We suggest to continue the internship within the framework of the Tunisian-German cooperation and to develop it with other participants from other countries, because of the interest it presents. The next session of the course announced in October 2021 in Bizerte.

Senior Colonel (MD - Pr) Maher BEJI
Course Director
Member of the Scientific Committee of ICMM