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International Symposium on Naval Medicine


Istanbul, Turkey

22-26 October 2018






Dear Colleague,

You are cordially invited to attend the International Symposium on Naval Medicine 2018 that will be held on October 22-26, 2018, in Istanbul; by Turkish Navy Naval Medical Training and Research Center (DETAM), under the auspices of Turkish Naval Forces Command on the occasion of decennial of DETAM.

The first International Symposium on Naval Medicine in Turkey took place in October 2005, which ended up with the establishment of Turkish Navy Naval Medical Research Center. It is understood that today’s naval medicine has become a multidisciplinary field that has to be well organized in order to be highly efficient to meet the operational needs. Turkish Navy, having a history of hundreds of years, does realize the importance of Naval Medicine and has now a policy to take further steps to augment the extend and the capabilities of DETAM.

The professionals in naval medicine, all over the world, are dealing with highly specific issues within special environments and populations; from preventive medicine to man-machine interactions, from medical support to special operations to researches on the issues of diving and submarine medicine. Turkish Navy believes that bringing experts in naval medicine all over the world together will contribute to see the whole and the real picture of naval medicine and this will enable everybody to see the opportunities of collaboration and to find a perfect scientific platform of sharing information.

The Organizing Committee of Symposium on Naval Medicine has decided to dedicate a session to a specific issue in every symposium. This year’s Topic of Interest will be “Telemedicine in Naval Environments”. Other sessions will be on Surface Warfare Medicine, Diving Medicine, Submarine Medicine, Naval Special Warfare Medicine, Surface Warfare Medicine and Preventive Medicine in Navies. We are also planning to organize a separate workshop on “Medical Examination of Diving Fatalities”.

In order to have a more fruitful meeting, Turkish Navy Naval Medical Research Center has decided to invite as many professionals as possible in this field. Prominent keynote speakers are invited to address to the distinguished audience.

We are doing all our best to make this event very interesting for you, with social programs in different atmospheres of Istanbul.

We look forward to your participation in this important event and would like to see you as our guest here in Istanbul.

Surgeon Captain (N)
Chairman of Symposium
Director, Naval Medical Training and Research Center


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