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8th Military Health Course on Methodology and Medical Writing



Tunis, Tunisia

7-11 September, 2020






Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The General Directorate of Military Health organizes, under the Patronage of the Minister of National Defence and with the collaboration of the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis, its 8th Course on Methodology and Medical Writing during the period from March 30 to April 03, 2020 at the Armed Forces’ Health Service Training school (EASSM) in Tunis.

The course used to be performed only in French, since four years, it was organized in two simultaneous sessions in both French and English. It’s recommended by the International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM) and it is opened to the participation of Tunisian and ICMM members’ medical officers. Tunisian military and civilian academic speakers from the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis will be in charge to conduct the course. Some international speakers will also be involved; they are mostly members of editorial and reading committees of a medical journal.

The course is dedicated to physicians, general practitioners and specialists, dentists, pharmacists and veterinaries, working in universities hospitals or others medical facilities. Priority of participation is given to those who have an ongoing medical studies or having medical publishing projects. This course provides to the learners an opportunity to develop skills in methodology and medical writing fields and will help them to finalize their scientific papers in order to get more chance to be published in medical journals.

Medical officers are invited to support this scientific event by taking part to this course. We hope to see all medical officers giving a special interest to the medical writing, especially in military medicine’s subjects.

Senior Colonel (MD - Professor) Ali MRABET


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