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6th Course of Water Management and Safety in Crisis Situations


Tunis, Tunisia

May 16-20, 2022






Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It’s my pleasure to invite you to take part to the 6th Course on Water Management and Safety in Crisis Situations which will take place during the period May 16-20, 2022 at the Military Health Schools in Tunis.

This course targets military veterinarian and health personnel responsible for water control (public health physician, engineer and technician) and all technical personnel responsible for the conception of water production and treatment systems at the Army Units.

It focuses on strengthening ties and creating a working network between our veterinary services. This session will provide additional opportunities of debating, meetings and exchanging ideas and experiences on Water Management and Safety that will prove enriching and innovative for all participants.

The aim of this course is to acquire skills to achieve qualitative and quantitative water management objectives in crisis and peacetime situations.

These objectives will be achieved through the apprehension of data in the fields of water technology, normative and regulatory texts and, particularly the operational doctrine to the health plan. It offers the opportunity to the participants to control the terms of relevant technical expertise and to be able to interpret and use the results of water analyzes.

The 6th Course will last five days and will include two parts. The first part is the theoretical training to provide fundamental knowledge through lectures and theoretical presentations. The second part is the practical part and the implementation of the acquired knowledge through tutorials and technical expertises. This session will be led by Tunisian military and civilian speakers as well as French speakers with a simultaneous translation into English.

We invite colleagues wishing to participate in this course to complete the pre-registration form available on the website. Priority will be given to first registered candidates.

For more information, thanks to contact the organizing committee on the e-mail

Veterinarian Colonel Mounir JEBALI
Course Director and Head of the Sanitary and Veterinary Control Division
at the General Directorate of Clothing and Subsistence

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