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    Pandemic Protocol: Proven Steps to Prevent Infection


    Hello from Spain!!
    Our protocol for military pilots, deployed abroad, requires a quarantine of 14 days before on boarding and 14 days of quarantine when they reach the operation area. They have to do PRC testing after the first quarantine.
    Best regards
    LT.COL Presa


    Major MD Hanene Djemaiel
    In france, we recommand a quarantaine period of 14 days without any symptoms befor onboarding. The barrier practice are also recommanded. PCR testing are performed only when symptoms are declared.
    All the best
    MCS Lataillade (MD PhD)
    Deputy Director of scientific Council


    Good afternoon
    I am an expert doctor from the Tunisian aerospace medical center. I would like to know if any protocols for military pilots, deployed abroad, concerning the PCR samples for COVID 19 are set. I would like also to know about the required duration of the quarantine period during this pandemic.
    Best regards
    Major MD Hanene Djemaiel


    Dear Lt-commander Flávia,

    Regarding your question about the ICMM Pan-American Regional Congress, I replied to your email: until now, there is no candidate country to host the Pan-American Regional Congress/Assembly.

    With respect to other congresses, please consult the calendar http://www.cimm-icmm.org/page/anglais/calendTxte.php


    Capt Pierre-Victor.


    Dear Lt-Cdr,
    I think that a lot of military medical services are involved. This is the reason why we organized this platform.
    Hoping that many of us will react. Anyway, on the several links hereabove, you’ll find more Info.
    Best regards


    I speak from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here the cases are still increasing and we are subject to quarantine, but the health system has not collapsing yet. I do not work in assistance, but in an operative medicine center. We are currently providing logistics for the navy’s field hospital, which is being set up. And Yours? How is the situation in your country? Are you envolved ?

    I`m asking about the congress because I have to give a answer to my superiors, and this was programmed in our armed forces. I need to confirm that there will be no congress in 2020. Sorry about this 🙁 But I want to get information about Military medicine in another countrys and what are you doing about COVID-19 too!!

    Thank you very much for your atention!


    Thank you Lt Commander Flavia,
    How is the Covid-19 situation evolving in your country? Is your Medical Service involved?

    Best regards,


    Good Morning,

    I would like to confirm the cancellation of the congress for the year 2020, the Pan American Congress of Military Medicine that was scheduled for this year in Chile.


    Lieutenant-commander Flávia


    Dear Colleagues from all around the world, our Military Medical Services are fully engaged in the fight against this pandemic.
    The ICMM presents to all members of our military medical community the opportunity to find information, to exchange experiences or to ask questions related to the Covid-19 pandemic in the field of military medicine.
    Surf on these pages, look for information and sent your suggestions to @cimm-icmm.org">info@cimm-icmm.org in order to feed our platform.

    Do not hesitate to connect after having completed your subscription.

    Hoping to meet you soon on this platform in order to exchange knowledge and experiences.

    Stay safe, take care for yourself and for your patients!
    Best regards,

    MG Neirinckx, MD
    Deputy Secretary General
    International Committee of Military Medicine

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